Quentin Dies at the End

Hi! Welcome to Quentin Dies at the End, a Ghost House fangame.

Ghost House is a text adventure game made by Beckett that recently got redux'd and updated in the time leading to the sequel.

DISCLAIMER: Some cecilyparsley fans might know, Beckett is my partner. So he's helped a lot in setting this up, but none of this is actually "canon" to the main story.

Quentin Narcyz, Jazz Cat, and all other characters who appear in this game are original, and have no bearing on the main story.

Anyway, as is tradition, "here are some tips that can help you make your reading experience as enjoyable as possible."

It's recommended to read this story on desktop. While this story might(?) work on mobile browsers, several components of the story may break. If you seek the full Quentin Dies at the End experience, then hop on your computer!

This story contains pages that may automatically play some groovin tunes. If the next page contains music, the command to proceed will be prefaced by an [M].

This story contains mentions of the following subjects:

  • Death (including child death & sibling death)
  • GIF usage (flashing is not an issue, however)
  • Body Horror
  • Ghostly Possession
  • Suicide
  • Depression and similar mental health issues

Please read those carefully, and if you need a break, take one! The story isn't going anywhere.

There are no jumpscares.

This story is very text heavy, and divided into three chapters. Feel free to come back where you were from the Navigation menu above.

And with all that out of the way, may I introduce you to...

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Created by cecilyparsley